The Psychiatric Pharmacogenetics Test

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Psychiatric Pharmacogenetic Test

What is pharmacogenomics?

Pharmacogenomics (also referred to as pharmacogenetics, or PGx) is a field of study combining the science of pharmacology and genomics and explores how an individual’s genetics may influence their response to drugs.  

PGx is one aspect of precision medicine – a model that emphasises personalised care plans based on specific patient characteristics, such as one’s genotype. In that way, pharmacogenetic testing may provide additional evidence and insight into medication response variability. PGx testing is utilised as an informative tool when considering treatment options or individualising dosing. 

This field cannot determine “the perfect drug.” However, in conjunction with clinical judgment and reviewing the patient’s current symptoms, past treatment response, family history and treatment goals, clinicians can utilise PGx to make more robust and informed treatment decisions for their patients. 

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Find out how the test works, and how to start offering the Psychiatric
Pharmacogenetic (PGx) Test to your patients


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